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Binghamton Panhellenic Council

The Panhellenic Council is a governing council for all Panhellenic sororities on campus.

Our Four Pillars

Sisterhood: Our sororities value sisterhood not only within their own chapters but also between each chapter. As a community our members bond through countless activities that fosters lifelong friendships.

Scholarship: As responsible sororities at Binghamton University, we understand that learning is the primary focus of the college experience. Our chapters pride themselves on high academic achievement and hold their members to a standard of excellence. Our collective GPA as a community continues to remain above a 3.0, and all interested students must have a 2.5 GPA or higher to join a sorority. Chapters use both formal and informal strategies to encourage the academic success of their members.

Service: A common goal of all Binghamton University sororities is to better their communities through service. Greek chapters at Binghamton serve the local community and beyond through countless initiatives. Chapters annually raise tens of thousands of dollars for various causes and perform over ten thousand hours of community service in an effort to show the community that we are a values driven organizations.

Leadership: Leadership embodies the values of Greek Life and is one of the greatest benefits of joining a sorority at Binghamton University. Members have the opportunity to hold positions in their chapter, governing council, or national board, and through these positions they are able to implement change on campus and in the surrounding community. Members receive intense training and gain valuable skills through these experiences that they utilize for the rest of their lives.

Meet the 2024-2025 Executive Board

We have the privilege of being led by exceptional individuals who have demonstrated the courage and flexibility needed to run our Sorority. Their leadership skills have helped us grow, expand and become the chapter we are today. Learn more about our Executive Board members below, and get in touch with any questions.

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